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By Anonymous on November 25, 2015
As a parent and child psychologist, I can’t praise Ticket Please! enough. I use the tool at home with my preschool aged daughter and also recommend the tool for parents in the clinical setting. We introduced Ticket Please! to my daughter when she was about 3.5 years old. At that time, the immediate reinforcement of positive behaviors was very motivating for her. We got to the point that it was more likely that she would need to remind me that she earned a ticket than I would need to remind her to make her bed or eat her vegetables. Now that she is a year older, we have used this tool to help her learn the concept of short-term and long-term goal setting. She is so self-motivated to earn her rewards, that she intentionally left a highly desired toy off her Christmas list because she wants to earn it with tickets :).

In the clinic setting, the tool helps me to provide the structure and guidance necessary to help families motivate and use a positive approach to shape behavior, especially if the child has a challenging behavior disorder like ADHD. It is simple to use, visually appealing and can be tailored to meet individual needs and developmental levels. The systematic approach has been so helpful to me as a parent and clinician.

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Ticket please!

By Anagha Kumar on July 7, 2015

As the mother of a 5 year old child who has battled severe separation anxiety coupled with birth injury, I would often find myself in situations which demanded an immediate reward system that motivated my child in a language she understood best. Ticket please filled that spot for us. Not only was it physically an accomplishment when she earned her 'ticket' , it was emotionally reassuring for me as a parent that there is a solution to every problem!

Every ticket counts towards a modified behaviour. Every reward assures its permanancy! With the help of 'ticket please', my child, who has cried her way to school every day since the last 3 years, who has had severe panic attacks when mom is not seen for 30 secs, and who has been through so many emotional and physical battles than any other 5 year old I know, is now more independent than i could ever imagine.

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There is a lot to love about this game

By S. S. Likhite on May 22, 2015

A calm and assertive game to help parents and kids through their daily routines. There is a lot to love about this game. It has so many ways for kids to learn positive behaviors and for parents to reward them for daily tasks. For instance one of the tickets I love the most is "listening the first time". I don't have to ask my daughter more than once now to do something and she is excited to get the ticket. The other one is "special goal". Even though there are plenty of tickets - there may be something that you want your child to learn and this special goal ticket is perfect for that need. The game also helps parents teach small kids how to have short term and long term goals and how to work towards them. I would recommend this game for any parent who wants to have a fun reward system for daily tasks.

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My older kids are competitive so really enjoyed trying to do the most work to earn the ...,

By Anonymous on February 9, 2015

This game has really helped my family get organized and motivated. My older kids are competitive so really enjoyed trying to do the most work to earn the most tickets. My younger ones liked earning tickets and feeling like they were helping around the house. We initially used it more for chores than behaviors and have now moved on to behaviors...works great for both. This is a great game to get everybody on track.

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Ticket Please! A great way for me to use positive reinforcement while encouraging good habits in my children

By Mercedes on January 14, 2015

It's so much nicer to say "how many tickets have you earned?" Instead of "have you made your bed, brushed your hair etc" Healthy eating can be a challenge during the holidays, but the nutrition tickets have taken it out of my hands and made it my son's personal and independent focus!

It is incredibly flexible for all ages, it grows with the children's ages.

It is portable, all you need to take with you if you are going away are the tickets and the little treasure box, no need to wait until you get home.

The instructions said to put the poster up in the child's room, but we put it up in the kitchen and it worked great, because it was a good visual.

Positive reinforcement has always been close to my heart. I honestly believe that children are born with the desire to please and this tool allows children to see that their good habits are being noticed.

My children are a little bit older now and I wish I'd had Ticket Please! when they were younger, it's a great fit for our family.

Thank you Dr. Aimee


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Elizabeth Reeve: Alexander is working towards earning a Dutch oven, so he can cook on an open fire - he needs to earn 40 tickets. What is everyone else setting as goals and rewards? I really think letting the children help with goals and rewards makes a huge difference - he set out his own daily/ summer bridge schedule too . Thanks Dr. Aimee for the inspiration smile emoticon Have a great summer!

Jessie Osburn: Big day in our home today- our 4 year old daughter came downstairs and proudly announced that she made her bed and requested a ticket. This isn't a behavior we were specifically working on, but she is very motivated to earn her next reward!

Jessie Osburn Congratulations on the official release! I like the positive focus and emphasis on both short and long term goal setting.

Reply : Dr. Amee Pediatric Health Solutions Thank you. It combines the instant gratification needs of young children along with teaching them skills to delay gratification for long term rewards. Thank you for your wishes! Hope it helps parents and caregivers the way I envision it.

Anonymous user: We started using Ticket Please! Just as the school holidays began, it's been such a positive experience. Life during vacation time is very different, so yesterday we began discussing the goals for when we are back on a school schedule. Seriously though, thank you letters can be a real chore for children, but making them a "special goal" has made them a pleasure - Thank you Dr. Amee , you are our year round "Elf on our shelf" - Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous user: Way to go!!!!! So impressed! In addition to its hugely impressive ability to motivate children, because it's brand new, I now have a gift to give that is new and unique - Thank you!

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“My son is very much into it! It’s been 2 days so far and he started making the bed right away :) it is great!! We started slow and did rewards for 5 cards and rewards for 10 cards. I haven't included mid or long term, but hopefully soon. Also, is there a quick starting guide? Thank you very much!!!”

- Melina Behrens, mom of 3 year old.

“We just sat down with the system last night, as we spent the rest of the weekend with family and friends for the holiday. So far, the kids are really motivated by it. Honestly, the only problem that we've had so far is that there are not enough tickets for two children. And with only one case for the kids to keep their tickets in, they were fighting over it...so we had to get rid of it completely and use baggies to keep them in instead. I guess that would be my only suggestion...the kit really needs more than one "ticket case".

- Mom of 4 and 8 year old

 "Just brought ours home - my kids can't wait to start using it. Positive reinforcement has always been close to my heart. I honestly believe that children are born with the desire to please and this tool allows children to see that their good habits are being noticed. Dr. Amee I'll be sending you regular updates on our progress as we embrace your behavioral management tool - thank you!!!"

- Elizabeth Reeves, mom of 11 and 15 year old